Welcome to Wildvine Carvings, my online showroom and exhibition catalog. I am a Texan wood sculptor who focuses on local found/fallen wood. I took up wood carving in 2010 as an interest to keep me learning, and to try to provide a simple focus for my life.

Since then, I have discovered the true joy there is to find in crafting artwork that means something to the individuals they are created for, or inspired by. I have come to specialize in personal commission pieces intended to symbolize objects of affection, or meaning for others. Whether it be a pet loved by its owners for many years, or relief carvings of locations that remind us of good times, my favorite work revolves around the clients sentiments.

I also enjoy creating beautiful décor for the home. I would like to help provide that sense of natural beauty, satisfaction, and peacefulness that comes with a well designed room.

You are welcome to browse my galleries of previous sculpture (some of which are for sale), or contact me to commission a piece of your own! These personal creations also make the perfect, thougtful gift for any occasion.